Board of Directors Message

We have succeeded from the beginning with the grace of God, because we have preserved our core values founded since its inception. Respect, striving for excellence, focusing on customer satisfaction and working as one trustworthy team. Today is another year of strong presence in the local and global market, and we still aspire for more to achieve our ambition and the expectations of our partners, following the vision of His Highness the Crown Prince 2030, to reach proudly the sky.

We have always believed that diversity in our business is necessary, making us strongly linked to growth and development and keeping pace with everything new in the world of the medical field. We continue with strong determination guided by our confidence in God and then by our main goals to enable each individual and every work we have to develop, progress and achieve more success.

We deal firmly with the challenges and difficulties that we may face, supported by our confidence in God and then in our hard work, advanced tools, experience and creative talents of our distinguished team. We are confident that we have the ability and credibility to elevate our business to higher levels of excellence and success.

Board of Directors

About Al-Raed

Al-Raed First Medical is a Saudi establishment, founded in 2018, of which headquarters is in the city of Jeddah Headquarters Business Park Tower, and has branches in the main cities of the Kingdom.
Al-Raed is specialized in supplying and providing solutions for the Medical Sector working on four major areas:

  1. Human and veterinary pharmaceutical sector
  2. Medical Supplies and PPE
  3. Medical Equipment and Devices
  4. Medical Solutions and Technology

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